Monday, May 4, 2009


After spending what seemed like hours chopping, slicing and cooking in the kitchen, I proudly served up yet another banquet to my Gorgeous Girl (GG) which in my mind would have been fit for Great Empress Wu when I heard shrieks of disgust, "Why can't we eat NORMAL food... I am soooo SICK of CHINESE food?" I paused for a moment and then with a smile on my face replied, "BUT GG this IS normal food as can I remind you that we DO live in CHINA!" Well, this comment did not go down well at all and in fact there was an outright protest in our household that night. GG decided that until I cooked some NORMAL FOOD that she would go on a hunger strike (even though it only lasted a matter of an hour).

OK so not everybody is as keen about Chinese food as I am - point taken. GG, I will try to cook more NORMAL FOOD even though I think that it is a bit of WESTERN STODGE and I pay FOUR times the amount for GWEILO STUFF but to appease you I will include a bit of this and a bit of that on my blog - albeit a bit more GOURMET.
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