Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Shenzhen Shopping Trip

On Friday 24 October 2008, I went to Shenzhen with some great friends and had a fantastic time.

If you are new to Hong Kong and aren’t familiar with Shenzhen then I recommend that you purchase a book called “Shop in Shenzhen - an insider’s guide” by Ellen McNally. It tells you everything you need to know as Lowu has so much to offer and everybody has different tastes.

If you go in the morning like we did, the MTR and KCR is very busy and it can be a struggle to get a seat. The best option in this case (if you live on the island) is to catch a bus to Hung Hom where you are pretty much guaranteed a seat. From Causeway Bay you can get tunnel bus (number 112) to Hung Hom Station (the 2nd stop of the KCR) or you can catch bus number 111, 104 or 115 from Des Vouex Road, Central (opposite HSBC). The Central buses also go through Queensway, Admiralty (opposite Pacific Place). Just make sure you press the bell as soon as the bus gets in the tunnel.

What can you get at Shenzhen? Well, you can get tailor made clothes, designer clothes, accessories, sunglasses, prescription glasses, manicures, pedicures, massages, curtains, bed-linen, paintings and Chinese folk craft to mention but a few. It is best to schedule your day before you go and get your tailoring and bed-linen organised first. Then you can look at bags and the like have lunch then maybe have a massage or a pedicure in the afternoon so that you can feel refreshed before heading back to Hong Kong.

Make sure you buy some Ba Bao Tea from the numerous tea shops scattered around Lowu as it is divine. Delicate flower petals with rock sugar - yum! Also visit Choi Dip Hin Restaurant on the 2nd Floor (below Taste) for great dim sum and the Ba Bao Tea. Dim sum at Choi Dip Hin Restaurant includes but is not limited to: Cha Siu Bao Beef Balls with bean curd skin (contains water chestnuts and coriander - yum!) Vegetarian vermicelli rolls Steamed egg buns (a fluffy bun with custard inside) Shrimp dumplings Vegetarian dumplings Fish cakes (lots of yummy spring onion in this one)


Anonymous said...


I was just wondering where in Shenzhen you were able to find prescription glasses and how much they were. Thanks.

dumpingdesignz said...

I normally buy prescription glasses from Shenzhen Hongyan Brother Eyeglass, Shop 3065A, 3rd Floor, Lowu Commercial City. Expect to pay between $300-$400RMB.