Saturday, March 28, 2009

Learn Mandarin with FM S.H.E 11th Album

Living in Hong Kong, I would love to be able to speak Cantonese but find the tones a little too difficult to master so have embarked on learning a bit of Mandarin instead. Problem is that I don't get to listen to people speaking the language often enough, so to hone my skills I've started to listen to some mandopop.

Currently, I enjoy the latest album produced by FM S.H.E. The music is modern, the tunes catchy and there is also a take on Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean". Interspersed in the lyrics is also a bit of rap which adds another dimension.

Although, the video isn't that great you can listen to a track called "Miss Universe" if you click on the title to this post and who knows, you might be singing in Mandarin sooner than you think.
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An said...

Hello there!
Wow, Cantonese would be really hard! I'm learning Mandarin too, and I've recently been listening to some S.H.E as well :) A couple of other songs I like are Jay Chou's 'Simple Love' and Jessie Chiang's 'Sunshine Doll', because the words are really clear. Taiwanese artists rock, ay? lol. Here are the links if you're interested.

Jay Chou
>(pinyin + translation in info bar)

Jessie Chiang


<3 An


dumpingdesignz said...

Hiya An, thanks very much for the great info! If you have any more advice about good artists let me know:)